Ntare Riots Faze 2

Well well well I never thought I would have to write about another faze of the very much dreaded riots at Ntare only that this time am directly involved and affected which I think provides a chance to use all angles to come to a conclusion. Now firstly I want to put is right that the students at Ntare are tired of being ruled like the Libyan’s while the people that should be like the go-betweens are also un important (student Leaders). I have observed this as a student leader in that we go for meetings and agree on things but seriously the main man is the HM who has the final word. The evening before yesterday, we had a student leaders meeting with the Administration of the school which is comprised of Puppets that have no choice but adhere to what the main man says. We agreed on a number of resolutions to the crisis which I will explain later. Yesterday morning all the students were waiting to go to the playgrounds and spectate like they had been told but only to hear that going out of school was postponed to the evening yet as leaders we had agreed that boys be allowed out in the morning. Now if that is not utter foolishness then am yet to be corrected coz from the info we got, the HM stopped the boys and we were left to blame yet even in the presence of the administrators we had agreed.
I fail to understand why we should be stopped from participating in a sport that has no harm and yet no explanation is put forward. How can one person fool the whole school including administrators and even teachers by one person I mean MR. AHIMBISIBWE HUMPHREY (MUSHERE) that the school did not go through the zonal football level to precede to the regional level? Let us for one moment assume that we did not go through which is actually true but then why was is that the school was read at Kakyeka and the organizers even waited and postponed the matches we were supposed to play all waiting for the school team to show up but in vain. It so happens that when the school was read, this was in the morning when the boys were stopped from moving out to Kakyeka ground which also belong to the school. The boys swallowed the anger and what we simply wanted was that the HM explains why we were lied to so we matched from kakyeka to the school and assembled via the Lion’s den(quadrangle) and waited for our dear headmaster to explain. A few minutes later, the anti-riot police turns up and starts unleashing tear gas fro about 30 minutes. That was the beginning of the whole confusion. Now the other people that were not in the right state of mind were the policemen that had no point but aimed at chasing us up and down until around 10pm when we were ordered to go to the dormitories and sleep. Now remember nothing was destroyed in process coz that was not our aim so question is Does the HM still have the capacity to run the school?


2 thoughts on “Ntare Riots Faze 2

    • I do not really think the guy is too per Ce but my view is that the school has gotten so used to a situation where there is clam and all resolutions are made under dialogue so a situation in which such a state is threated, presents a challenge to the school administration which to a large extent may fail to resolve the conflict amicably.

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