The Ntare Riots?????

Now to be able to give an unbiased analysis, i will have to respond to this question as both a student leader and also a student. alot of speculation has been made by the general public,teachers,media, teachers and i must say everyone has their own version of the story except the victims or rather the perpetrators.I want to approach it from two angles like i had said at the beginning so i want to start as a student. Ntare school has not heard any kind of serious riot for like the past 50 years and so this kind of unprecedented occurance was a surprise to many students inclusive…. Old boys or parents should be able to understand the the culture of the school in as regards to outings still holds that its very legal to be put of school in the evenings for weekdays and for weekends,its after lunch therefor trying to change the tradition just like that requires alot of consultation and careful evaluation which was not done by the concerned parties secondly when one seriously uses what i would call an iron hand method of enforcement, this not only embraces the students, but also takes the school back away from civilization.
As a students leader, i believe, we have to take some blame on our part but not entirely. In this country, we have not reached a level through which all democratic systems are in place and so we are limited in capacity to have the students grievances addressed in time or at all.I would like to clearly state that the leaders did their part though not all of them but its very hard to change someones mind especially when it concerns a policy that comes from above therefore as a leader, i think in the future, before any policy is passed,consultations should be made and an analysis be made to able to establish some level of how to best approach the implementation and this was not done.
I have only a few moths left to complete my stay at Ntare God willing i have the faith that i will complete but my advice to the school’s administration, is that they should sit and re-examine what really went wrong and how best they came avert a similar situation in the future.To the parents, please try to be very practical in the meetings held at the school, maybe the parents have an upper hand in policy formulation as opposed to student leaders, To the Old boys and well wishers, The name of the school should be upheld as it has been.We need the negative publicity to quickly fade and the Old boys out there are the best mechanism to use.Unlike in the papers where academic performance was sued as a scape goat to justify what happened, it it totaly not the cause at least from what i know the people whom were affected by the are the teachers that are not doing their duty although i feel the administration used it as a justification of implementing their dreaded policies.
Lastly, I would like to clearly state the destroying property was not the solution to our problems but since it is already done, we should look outside the box just like what is/was happening in the Middle eastern countries.(BETTER YOUR BEST)


2 thoughts on “The Ntare Riots?????

  1. i think what makes ntare ntare is its traditional values and trying to take them away is jeopadising the uniqness of the school.i should say that the outings being there has not stopped ntare from being one of the best schools in the country.the weekday and weekend outings have made ntare students more responsible citizens in general.obviously not forgetting tht in every community there is black sheep.the degree of freedom in ntare shapes its students to be more responsible wen thy get to uni.
    i think the administration should focus more on advising students on how to manage their time rather than trying to adopt acient policies.i think they should realise tht the world is developing at a very fast pace en trying to immobilise students is not a way to cope with this developing world.
    Lastly i should say tht the freedom i had in ntare shaped mi into learning how to manage ma time en be responsible.

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