Come See What God Can Do Through You.

It’s very easy to find people who believe that God is so powerful and mighty, they will even quote word for word a couple of scriptures that describe God’s power or better yet, stories of how God has been doing mighty things in their lives and the lives of those around them. At some point in my life, I was one of those people that for some reason (I’ve come to learn that the reason was my ignorance *Hosea 4:6*) thought that God couldn’t possibly choose me as a vessel for this power and for a long time I struggled to accept the fact that am actually a qualified vessel to be used by God.

We have trained our minds to esteem some people God has used publicly so much that we think these are probably the best picks and that they have some sort of special abilities that God ‘needs’ to be able to appropriately use them. The unanswered question here would be that why do we see God’s power working in these people more prominently than in others, let’s take an example of one of the most famous people in the Christian circles-we all know Joyce Meyer, don’t we? What is so special about her that differentiates her from the rest of the women? The answers to this question are very many and in the next few paragraphs I will attempt to share my though on why there are variations in how much of God’s power is manifested in different people.

God is very powerful, he is mighty, and glorious. This we already know and everyone would agree with those facts but it shouldn’t stop there, God’s power is useless if it’s just going to stay up there not being used yet the very reason why we were created is such that God( Creator) can move through us(Creation). We need to understand that we are the only vessels that are available for God to use. From the story of creation, we are able to see from scripture, God limited his authority here on each when he created Adam and delegated the Authority over the earth to him (Genesis 2:15) which consequently meant that God now needed to use us human beings to do his work on earth, he had already established spiritual laws by which he also had to abide. Our starting point is that we should acknowledge that we are the only vessels available for God to use and believe that we are usable. No matter how far off we have gone from God or what we may have done, all that God needs is surrendered vessels, those that will come to him as they are and trust that he will mound them into whatever shape he desires.  Believe that you are usable

It is one thing to believe that God desires to use is and it’s a whole different story for us to be submissive enough to obey when God instructs us. The easy part is believing but acting on what we believe has so far been the most challenging part even for me up until this point am on this journey taking baby steps. We need to first of all cultivate a lifestyle in which we are constantly being led by the spirit because it’s only through the Holy Spirit that we will be able to know what God wants us to do on his behalf. God’s word, the Bible only makes sense when we allow the Holy Spirit to interpret the scriptures to us because these scriptures were not written to our minds. as much we might be able to logically follow then chronology of the Bible, we need a revelation that only comes through the Holy Spirit which is where I will chip in a recommendation that you read Spirit, Soul and Body, a book by Andrew Womack that has a wealth of knowledge about the distinction between spirit, soul and body. (If you need the eBook copy please let me know & I will gladly share it.). We can see from the story of the prophet Elijah that even when everything in the natural pointed to the fact that his obedience wouldn’t yield any positive results, he still trusted God and obeyed, we see that every step of the way, God has already planned for how he would provide for Elijah but for it to work, Elijah had to obey and submit to God which I can guarantee you was against the natural circumstances at the time. The principles haven’t changed in the current times, we see many more examples in our generation of men and women that God used mighty but the common characteristic among all is that all these people had to take a deliberate step and Obey what they were being led to do by God.   Submit to the user (creator) and obey

Picture yourself very famous, on the covers of magazines, being featured on TV and the internet, being a household name just because you believed, obeyed and are now being used by God to touch millions of people all around the world, does that sound like someone you’d want to be? Well I’ll be honest and say that it wouldn’t be such a bad status to have, after all I would be expanding the kingdom of God. When God starts moving through us, we have a tendency to then start thinking that we are very awesome and we even go further to pull away from God and think we have now arrived at that stage in life where we are unstoppable, untouchable and special. It is when we are at this stage that we are truly tested to establish where our true allegiance is because when we are very successful, it is very tempting to attribute all the success to our own strength and might yet we ought to be pointing to God as the source of all the power and success, we need to remember that we were not chosen to be used because we were special, sinless , smart, eloquent and wise but rather because God loved us enough to use us despite our weaknesses since this would channel all the Glory back o himself as the creator instead of us the creation. Point to God as your source and return all the Glory to him.

In our quest to be used by God, we may also be tempted to choose for God how we want him to use us, forgetting that each one of us has a unique purpose for which we were created. I have seen a good number of Christians who are so excited about being used by God that they start to imitate what they see other Christians doing and in the process, they end up burning out because they are using their own strength and might to accomplish this rather than depending on God. I have been through this same cycle personally so I totally understand the pressure that comes with having been born again for some time and everyone begins to ask what ministry you are in and what you are doing for God. If your answer doesn’t fall in the category of the mainstream ministry areas, then there’s a tendency to fake it till it becomes reality but whom are you fooling?, it would only be matter of time and the real you will eventually come out. We see very many success stories of men and women being used of God and our admiration of their gifts takes our eyes off our individual stories. May we cultivate a relationship with God that will allow him to move through us in any way that he desires.

The title to this post was inspired by a sermon I watched last week by Steven Furtick of Elevation Church.

My Two Cents on #Impact17

Last week, Thursday 8th June 2017 was one very awesome day that I couldn’t comfortably live with myself without saying something about what took place on that day, if you were privileged to have been at Deliverance Church Makerere(DC MUK) that evening, then you probably have an idea about what am about to share and for those that weren’t there, I’ll give you a preview of what ‘went down’, if by the end of the post you still don’t get excited or at least inspired, then we might need to have you checked for ‘Christian Dormancy Syndrome’(Don’t look this up online, Google hasn’t yet caught up with this new plague).

It was around 6:40pm when I got to DC MUK and I wasn’t very expectant (Not a good state to be in), I’d attended Impact Conference before and I wasn’t really inspired so I figured that this might as well not be all that exciting, unfortunately my favorite spot had already been taken so I had to painfully find elsewhere to sit though the sitting didn’t last for long because as soon as I had made myself comfortable, it was time for intercessions which I must confess were unusually long and the whole session was filled with so much scriptural references that I couldn’t keep up even with taking notes, the only viable option then was to simply follow the leader’s prayer points and trust Holy Spirit for the rest.

30+ minutes later was time for the word and for this I was so excited that my earlier state of ‘unexpectation’ had already transformed to very expectant. The speaker for the day was invited on stage and with one look at him, in my mind I thought ‘Ehh! This guy looks like He’s going to bore us’, Thank God that thought I held captive and it didn’t last very long because when Pastor Laban JJumba started speaking, I was literary awestruck, He started by giving us a chronological presentation of Biblical scripture establishing the need for us as God’s children to take our rightful place on earth since we have been blessed with a wealth of wisdom from God much more superior to the world’s wisdom.

He shared with us a story of a Pastor in Kenya that had been touched by the deplorable lives that many of the people in his village lived and yet deep down he knew that these people were ultimately supposed to be thriving so he sought the Lord on what to do and God instructed him on what to do in order for the Village to be able to preserve water and do farming, in the eyes of the unbelieves, what he proposed could be equated to the  Noah’s story as he was being asked why he was building the ark but because he was sure  that the instructions were from God, he obeyed and did as instructed and  when the rains came, he was able to store enough water to use during the dry spell. He went on to practically demonstrate this new heaven-inspired irrigation method and shared the idea with all those that were interested.Before long, the village was transformed for the better.

So what’s the point of this story? Am not sure that I told the whole story as accurately as it was told by Pastor Laban but I believe what I’ve shared will help me lay the foundation of  the lessons I picked from the story and the sermon overall.

  1. As children of God, we’re far more privileged than the unbelievers. The world in its current state is in dire need of solutions to the problems that have even failed the political systems which is where we come in, we know things that the world doesn’t know, we have access to God’s limitless resources but how many of us have chosen to selectively tap into these resources and deny the world an opportunity to experience how good our God and Powerful our God is.
  2. Success in Uganda doesn’t begin and end in Kampala. Now this I know would probably attract criticism because many of the kampalans I’ve met would argue that their lives would be devastated if they were to live anywhere away from Kampala however, away from Kampala there’s so much ‘fertile ground’ for the gospel and you’d be shocked that people out there are more receptive to gospel than those in Urban Kampala but even more importantly there’s so much investment potential out there that is just untapped and who better to take advantage of this than the children of God.
  3. The Gospel is not just meant for you keep to yourself. Our generation has seen an explosion of the message of God’s grace which for me has been very exciting because the ignorance about God’s grace had kept many of us in the bondage of performance and religions activities. Every corner of Kampala now has a fellowship, so many children of God have heeded the Mathew 28 call and it is all good but now more than ever we have more work to do, this gospel that we know and live by has got to get off the pages of the Bible, social media, pulpits and out of the four walls of the church, we need to take it to the market place and practice what we preach, it’s about time we started seeing ourselves influencing Uganda and Africa, in simple terms, if we say that we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ, then we should be able to translate this blessing into tangible fruits that the world can be able to see and wonder how we did it. The time we are spending in church speaking in tongues and binding should bear results and not just any results but results that are marked with excellence. What’s the point of you spending your whole day in church speaking in tongues but you can’t be trusted with doing anything excellently, as children of God we have to be the standard of excellence in everything we are doing.

Finally the day was crowned with an unusual selfie moment with a couple of tweethearts that made it to the conference, though the moment was shot lived, the memories stuck and am looking forward to next year’s Impact conference. If you are reading this and you know Pastor Laban personally, please send my love and greetings to him, he is a blessing to this nation which am sure he already knows but nonetheless please let him know that indeed I was impacted. To Pauline who introduced Impact conference to me last year, I also bless you, then there is this crazy Liam who introduced me to DC MUK, I celebrate you too Mulungi

Photo Credit: Faith Liam Mulungi

Sim-plic-i-ty is Always Beautiful

Being more aligned to the ICT world I know for a fact that for any mobile application to be adopted it’s got to be user friendly in a sense that the navigation is very simple that it can easily come naturally. In the world of ‘User Interface Design’, simplicity is the rule of thumb, I had a friend who did architecture and they always told me that simplicity is one very important requirement in his line of work which is why am convinced that this world would be a much better place if things were just simplified, most likely God even had it in mind when he was speaking the universe into existence.

The Gospel( Too Good to be True News) has taken on a whole new dimension in our generation, so much that to some people it has been presented as a complicated way of life or belief system and yet at its core Jesus intended that the gospel be simplified to the lowest level, more so to us who profess to be saints( Colossians 1:26) because only then can we be able to simplify it to the unbelievers in the hope that they’ll see what we see and come into the light but let’s face it, many of those who say they know Christ can’t present him in the simplest of ways, there’s no admiration of their lifestyle ,so at the end of the day  it  instead drives away the very people we want to minister to, just because we’ve made the gospel complicated.

The few years I’ve spent in relationship with God have given me an opportunity to experience a couple of ways in which the gospel has been presented as difficult and burdensome, again our generation has seen so many “Men and Women of God” rise up to take on the challenge of preaching the gospel, some of them are truly well intentioned but they struggle with approaching the gospel from their own experience rather than preaching it as it is in the Bible which is why in the long run the fruits of what is peached manifest in those that choose to sit under their ministries and mind you those fruits are not admirable at all.

We see so much of the same things that the secular world is known for crop into the body of Christ, some of our leaders have come with ‘Ten steps to….., 40 days of……..77 days of… “ (You get what am referring to, right?). These are all wonderful ideas but then to the simple human mind, it’s like a whole other list of things to do as a means to get right with God or get closer to him (Forgetting that he never leaves nor forsakes us). The mind behind this approach is not evil but it does more harm than good given that it places an unbearable burden on the flock. Even when we think we may have escaped the burden of religion, some of the same practices have been wrapped in different titles and presented in exactly the same form as what religion proposes.

We have complicated salvation and made it a very unattractive lifestyle yet to the world we’re supposed to present salvation as an abundant life full of joy and yet some of us are as miserable and unhappy as the same people we’re supposed to be ministering to, when the unbelievers look at our lives, there’s nothing they can possibly admire or reason that they would need to make their lives better than they already are. Majority of the Christians out there have simply been sucked into the mold of the either the world or modern religion which by all means requires the exact opposite of ‘simplicity’ to live by.

In Colosians 2:6 we’re instructed to continue in the same manner by which we received Christ, so if we say that it is by grace that we have been saved, then why do we then place a burden of a couple of good works to do after we’ve been born again? We get caught up in so much church activity and business that sometimes we think that this activity will somehow achieve for us a certain reward from God but I can sum it all up in this; ‘The same way that a couple of good deeds couldn’t earn you a place in the kingdom of God, even when you get saved, your good deeds will still not secure you a spot in heaven”. The activities may add value and get you closer to God in a sense that they’ll build your Faith and help you overcome unbelief but outside of God’s grace, they’re not the ones that save you, we can choose to call them fruits and not the roots of salvation, you now understand that you just don’t have to go to church but rather you get to go to church and even always look forward and are excited every time you get to go to church. When you approach salvation from this angle, it allows you approach the Christian life from a much simpler perspective, so simple that many would find reason to reject it at fast glance but given time, it’s very contagious and attractive that It’ll minister to the lost very effectively.


My Audience Of One(Birthday Tribute)

As creatures of this world we always have that inborn desire to be accepted, loved and cherished by society, we practically survive on compliments of other people and it matters a lot what people say about us-this is the typical thought pattern of everyone until they’re truly born again and can confidently say that their approval lies only in the hands of the creator as they grow deeper in the understanding that they’re not only human but also spirit, not just any spirit but that same spirit that Jesus had, operating in the exact same power although now limited by the level to which one is willing to yield to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

1 John 2:20 says,

But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.

If that doesn’t blow your mind, then add 1 Corinthians 2:16b which says that

But we have the mind of Christ.

Now before you start looking for a theologian or ‘Man of God’ to explain the revelation here, just keep at the back of your mind that the 2 verses refer to your new regenerated spirit and not your physical body. Thanks to this attitude, my life has now taken a whole different path as my pleasure is derived from the understanding that as Christ is, so am I in this world (1 John 4:17) and so I don’t need to seek the approval of anyone else apart from Him, In fact to make it even seem to be ‘To Good To be True’, I don’t require God’s approval because he’s already given me my stamp of approval, he did that as soon as I allowed him into my life over 10 years ago. Now my life is simply an adventure with my father in heaven as I make him famous on earth.

A few days ago it was my birthday and as opposed to normal practice I choose to keep silent about the day and just go on like it was on ordinary day (Which it was), that was until 2 awesome friends thought otherwise and instead orchestrated an unusual surprise party of sorts, I can’t say I was very excited but then I would be deceiving if I said I was unhappy, let’s just say I had mixed feelings but non the less, the day ended and we all moved on-I had planned to write a couple of things about that day but then I couldn’t get myself to do it so I gave up the idea and just waited for when the inspiration would come, that  happens to be today 19th August 2016.

Back to where I started from, before you get lost in the confusion of the blog post’s  introduction and  my birthday, I’d like to help you connect the dots and if you still don’t get the connection, It’s okay-at least I’ll have tried. At the start of the this blog post, I needed to point out the need for us to only live to perform for the audience of one, Jesus as he is undoubtedly the priority, I see very many people thriving on compliments on their birthdays, changing their profiles, making sure that everyone in their circle of friends gets to know that there’s a birthday wish to send out even when they don’t necessarily care about the person or even know then that well, for other people, birthdays are so much of a big deal that traditional customs of sharing gifts and throwing parties can’t fail to make it to the list of activities on that special day, not that the day shouldn’t be special but at least we could find creative ways of going past the normal trend and seeking to celebrate in a ‘Not so obvious’ way, just as if we only had one person in the audience to celebrate with or to primarily appreciate for our presence in this world. My birthday this year nailed the ‘Audience Of One’ idea into my heart-so much that I couldn’t help but keep telling my friends that it ought to be a very personal affair between very few people and whether or not anyone says ‘happy Birthday’, it doesn’t make any difference.

At 24 Years if Age(Yes I’m Old and Unashamed), I’ve understood that when your focus shifts from the audience of everyone else to the audience of one, it lifts the burden off your shoulders and allows you to genuinely thrive, people’s opinions cease to influence your life(of course excluding Godly council from genuine critiques). Every aspect of life just becomes clearer and easier when you know that you don’t have to live up to the expectations of people in such a way that they inform your every move, mood, feeling and expression. There’s a lot I’ve learnt over the years, and that’s what I initially wanted to write about, but then I figured, what better lesson to share other than that of My Audience of One, Ohh! And the title of this blog post is not entirely originating from my head, it is inspired by an African gospel song I listened to at the beginning of this year.

Abundant Blessings to all the August Babies out there (For this blessing to come to pass, you have to declare it over yourself and believe that it’s your new reality, it’s not magic or wishful thinking).